To ensure that we reliably and consistently achieve your desired treatment goals, we prioritize comprehensive consultation and patient information. Our priority is to dedicate ample time to you, allowing you to make a well-informed and confident decision for the appropriate solution to your dental issues.


Diverse Treatments for Beautiful and Healthy Teeth

Through the use of leading diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, such as laser treatments, digital X-rays with a 90% reduced radiation exposure, and the application of cutting-edge tests and treatment methods in conjunction with high-quality materials, we not only support general conservative dentistry but also ensure the long-term preservation of your teeth. Additionally, we place a high value on cancer prevention.


Aesthetic Dentistry

From minor enhancements to visually seamlessly integrated dental prosthetics, modern dentistry offers a wide range of options for aesthetically appealing teeth. However, the focus is not only on the aesthetic aspect but also on high dental and dental-technical quality, especially regarding high functionality and biological compatibility.

Naturally beautiful teeth through: aesthetic corrections, dental restorations, veneers (ultra-thin ceramic shells for dental veneering), dental prosthetics, amalgam replacement.

Dental Preservation

Tooth Fillings: We recommend fillings made of safe and biocompatible materials, such as ceramic fillings, composite fillings, aesthetic fillings.

Dental Prosthetics

Crowns, Partial Crowns (Inlay, Onlay, Veneers), Suprastructures, Bridges, Telescopic Work, All-Ceramic, etc.

Oral Surgery

Surgical procedures on teeth, gums, and jaws are a focal point of our practice. We strive to carry out the treatment as gently and painlessly as possible, allowing you to attend your appointment in a relaxed manner. Whenever possible, we employ minimally invasive surgical techniques to achieve faster healing.


Gentle treatment of gum diseases, including tissue and jawbone reconstruction when necessary, often sparing patients from tooth loss and the need for dental prosthetics. These therapies are performed gently and with minimal pain using laser technology.

Endodontie / Wurzelbehandlungen

Wurzelkanalbehandlungen – viele als verloren geglaubte Zähne können wirkungsvoll behandelt und deren Erhalt gesichert werden. Diese Therapien führen wir sanft und weitgehend schmerzfrei mit Lasertechnik durch.

Endodontics / Root Canal Treatments

The placement of artificial tooth roots onto which dental prosthetics are securely anchored is the solution to many dental issues that traditional dental prosthetics cannot address. However, implantation and surgery require a high level of expertise, which we provide through consultation and treatment based on the latest scientific knowledge.


Implants are an ideal replacement for teeth that cannot be preserved or have already been lost. They also preserve natural teeth as the need for intervention in healthy neighboring teeth, for example, is eliminated. Additionally, bone resorption due to natural loading behavior is significantly reduced, preserving the bone structure. Especially in the case of losing many or all teeth, dental implants offer the only option for a complete, stable, optimal dental restoration with high chewing comfort.

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