Equipment Technology

Our practice places the highest importance on making treatments as comfortable as possible and offers a wide range of modern technologies to make your visit as comfortable as can be. In addition to advanced applications such as digital X-ray, which operates with a 90% reduced radiation exposure, and laser technology, ensuring precise and painless procedures, we have an intraoral scanner.


Laser Treatment

Laser treatment in dentistry offers a gentle and pain-free spectrum of applications that cover various areas of therapy. This includes the treatment of the dental nerve system, the tooth-supporting apparatus, the gums, and soft tissue surgery.

One outstanding characteristic of laser treatment is its exceptionally high success rate in the therapy of conditions like herpes and canker sores. In these cases, the course of the condition can be significantly shortened, leading to a substantial reduction in pain. This pain-relieving effect enables patients to recover faster and improve their quality of life during the healing process.

Laser treatment not only represents an advanced technique in dentistry but also provides a patient-friendly solution to minimize pain and expedite the healing process. Our practice takes pride in utilizing this innovative technology to ensure that our patients benefit from state-of-the-art and gentle treatment methods.

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